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Osaka’s ever evolving flourishing food scene is a real treat for the discerning diner. In a city where eating out in style is effectively a basic living right, it can be tricky to narrow down such a quality list of top notch restaurants to visit. However, after much deliberation, we have managed to select the very best establishments to convene for a meeting. Impress your colleagues and friends on sight and venture to the following places for a memorable night in Osaka.


Osaka is colloquially touted as Japan’s food capital and for good reason. Restaurant’s like Hajime deliver a dining experience that goes above and beyond your wildest expectations. The highly commendable three-Michelin-star restaurant is owner operated by its namesake, the esteemed Japanese chef Mr Hajime Yoneda. Hence, the meals here are consistently outstanding fare.

Fresh produce and intricate presentation is paramount to preparing dishes that interweave French technique and Japanese sentiment seamlessly. Which is precisely what the Hajime cuisine team have expertly mastered. The overall restaurant ambience evokes a welcoming and peaceful essence. Perfect for a semi-casual yet smart corporate catch up over a most memorable meal!

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Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M

If Japanese steakhouses could be classed as royalty, then we hereby declare the Matusakagyu M restaurant to be king of the cuts. Located in Hozenji Yokocho Alley; home to a collection small izakaya, bars and eateries in a lantern filled laneway behind the marvelous Hozenji Temple structure in central Osaka.

Beef aficionado’s and barbecue devotes take note; ‘Matsusaka’ is a breed of Japanese beef raised in Mie prefecture, where the cattle are nurtured with the utmost care and fed a special diet which results in a meat that has a high fat-to-meat ratio. Not dissimilar to the more internationally recognized Kobe beef and as equally delightful.

Group bookings at Matusakagyu M may dine al a carte, banquet style or choose independent menu items like beef ramen noodles, delicately marbled steak sushi, zesty short ribs. Plus, sides of vegetables, rice and a dash of kimchi spice.

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Restaurant ZK

Located on the 57th floor of the Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel. Restaurant ZK delivers superb food with unparalleled Osaka city skyline views. It caters for both Western and Japanese tastes and is a relaxed place. The combined dining options mean guests can select from an extensive Japanese teppanyaki spread, cooked flamboyantly on the grill before your eyes. Or, choose from modern western dishes, that are mostly European in essence.

Restaurant ZK has plenty of space in what is a typical Japanese minimalism setting. Ideal for informal business meetings over dinner and drinks. However, it really is that magnificent panoramic view (you are after all, in Japan’s tallest building) that takes the proverbial cake. Speaking of which, the desserts on offer at ZK are appropriately heavenly. This is sky high dining done right, indeed. Tip; guests can access the observatory on the 58th floor, it’s a terrific photo opportunity to capture the big city lights at night.

By Roxanne Williams

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