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  • The Ultimate Belize Dive Guide

    The Ultimate Belize Dive Guide

    Central America always presents an amazing opportunity for intrepid dive enthusiasts and beautiful Belize is no exception. It’s home to the world’s largest blue hole, a hot spot zone for whale shark diving and features incredibly healthy coral reefs that teem with all kinds of marine life. Belize is a haven for divers seeking a…

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  • Costa Rica Dive Guide

    Costa Rica Dive Guide

    Experience the adrenaline rush of diving with hundreds of hammerhead sharks at the exotic Cocos Island & meet the bull sharks and their aquatic friends from Bat Islands. Whatever kind of underwater adventure you seek, from a casual recreational expedition to a thrilling drift drive, it’s alive and waiting for you in Costa Rica. Costa…

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  • A  Literary Tour of San Francisco

    A Literary Tour of San Francisco

    San Francisco is well renowned for its lively arts and cultural scene. It’s also been home to the some of the greatest writers to ever grace this earth. The city obviously serves to inspire the literary muse within and in turn birth stories to life. The lauded poetic works of Sir Robert Frost have been…

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