Holiday in Hokkaido

Welcome to Hokkaido, Japan’s northern most island. The region is most well-known for its world class skiing areas however, there’s a bunch of other eminent frontiers to explore. Those who adore the outdoors will enjoy exploring the volcanic landscaped national parks, filled with peaceful secluded lakes and natural hot springs. Yes, Hokkaido is less developed … More Holiday in Hokkaido

Where to find the finest Japanese fabrics in Kyoto.

A trip to Kyoto, Japan must surely be every seamstress’ dream. For there’s an abundance of wonderful fabric, quality yarn, original denim, delicate silks and kitsch material accessories to be discovered throughout the city. The best place to find a wide range of one-off beautiful fabric and yarn stores is within the central shopping district … More Where to find the finest Japanese fabrics in Kyoto.

Discover Kyoto Shrines

There’s over 1600 Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples throughout all of Kyoto town and I’ve narrowed down the best one’s to visit in any season. Discover these beautiful buildings that are home to Japanese cultural and religious heritage. Each of the following impresses for its own reason, though the overwhelming feeling is one of peace … More Discover Kyoto Shrines