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Learn to Surf on the Barrington Coast

Seal Rocks

Fact: you’re never too old to learn how to surf. It’s a great way to keep fit and more importantly – have fun. Read on to discover the best surf spots on the Barrington Coast for beginners. Most of the waves listed are great for experienced surfers as well, but I wanted to let the learners in on a few surfer insider tips to score a good east coast swell too.


Old Bar beach is easily accessible and has super fun waves. Ideal for beginner to intermediate surfers when the swell is on the smaller side. It’s an exposed beach so the wind can pick up quickly as the day goes on. We recommend heading there early in the morning to score cleaner conditions. Tip: a smooth wave face is much easier to stand up on than wind chopped mess. Old Bar is a sand and rock bottomed beach break with both left and right waves. Wallabi Point and Saltwater Beach are nearby here, and both these waves will appeal to enthusiastic beginners surfers too. Connect with the expert surf instructors at Saltwater Surf School and book a professional learn to surf lesson with these friendly local legends.

To stay: Finns at Old Bar just 200 metres from the beach, this delightful property offers beachside luxury accommodation through multiple private Suites, apartments or you can book the entire boutique hotel.


Get out of the city and get yourself to Seal Rocks for an excellent surfing adventure. Just 4 hours north of Sydney and you’ll find yourself in an unspoiled beachside paradise with long rolling waves, surrounded by a scenic natural environment. Tip: the gentle point break here can get crowded on weekends.

You’re best bet for a peaceful surf is mid-week or, get up with the birds for the early surf session. Around the corner is the aptly named Treachery Beach and although the waves can appear deceptively tempting, I definitely don’t recommend beginner surfers venture anywhere near here. Leave this spot to advanced surfers only and pull up a place on the sand to watch. Treach is also home to one of the best camp sites on the entire east coast of Australia. I know, I know, that’s a pretty big call. Check out their sites for yourself here and you’ll see what I mean.


In the right conditions (like most waves around the world) Bluey’s Beach is an absolute dream for beginner surfers finding their feet. Local surf legend and ex- world tour surfer, Gary Hughes is one of the best surf coaches in the business around the Pacific Palms area. He’ll read (ahem, fervently study) the swell chart and decide whether to take you to Bluey’s or perhaps the nearby waves of Boomerang Beach and sometimes Elizabeth’s – it’s all down to the best swell options.

Tip; after a day of surfing you’re going be really hungry. Fortunately, the delicious pizzas from Hueys on Blueys will sort you out good and proper.

Looking for premium accommodation options (near the surf of course) in the Pacific Palms zone? Great, I suggest you navigate straight to the Beach Butler to find the perfect Luxe Surf Style themed stay.


If the idea of surfing open beaches and/or point break waves is a little intimating as a learner – why not ignite your surf stoke by getting familiar with balancing on flat water first. The expert team at Jungle Surf operate a fantastic Stand Up Paddle Board surf school on beautiful Wallis Lake. The certified instructors here are incredibly welcoming to newbies and offer interactive group lessons too. Contact them direct for SUP lesson times and rates at

For more holiday inspiration from the Barrington Coast please read my women’s weekend getaway to Boomerang Beach piece. Enjoy!

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