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Hotel Review: Beqa Lagoon Resort Fiji

The allure of Beqa Lagoon is real. Its secluded island location within the Fijian archipelago boasts access to numerous world class dive sites. Enchanting bures (villas) merge with the natural surroundings, where guests traverse tropical rainforests and seek semi secret waterfalls. Welcome to Fiji’s ultimate relaxation and adventure resort.

A holiday to Beqa Lagoon Resort is the stuff dreams are made of. Think a tranquil vivid blue lagoon to snorkel in, incredible dive sites just offshore and lush rainforest to explore. Yes, Beqa Lagoon Resort truly is extra special and a clear front runner in the best Fijian secluded island holiday stakes.

A cherished haven for dedicated divers (it’s been awarded the world’s best dive resort), lovers of the outdoors, family travelers, honeymooners and all who seek an authentic and affordable Fiji holiday.

Resort Highlights

Where does one begin to reel off an excellent list of resort experiences? Do you start with the welcoming and friendly staff who go above and beyond to ensure your holiday here is a treasured one? Or, do we tempt you with the ocean view bure’s and spacious garden suites. Arguably, the resorts biggest drawcard has to be it’s six acre beachfront setting that meets pristine rainforest – a peaceful retreat that’s totally unspoiled by development. Beqa Island Resort offers water sports galore including; kayaking, diving, offshore fishing and surfing. Plus, delicious dining and a happy South Pacific ambience.   

Beqa Lagoon Resort – Accommodation Overview

Beqa Lagoon Resort is secluded and intimate, forget any notions of a large scale impersonal hotel vibe and visualise a luxe laid back Fijian haven. Absolutely perfect for a memorable dive and/or surf excursion. All accommodation options feature modern furnishings that compliment a neat take on Fijian architecture, Wi-Fi and ice cold air con. 

There’s 12 beachfront bures along the shoreline, each featuring a private courtyard, spacious sundeck (great for entertaining), and a deluxe plunge pool. On the tropical garden side of life there’s another 6 enchanting bures surrounding the resorts peaceful koi pond, plus 3 ultra-secluded bures nestled amid the resort’s lush gardens.

Families or groups generally prefer the two-bedroom bures (the resort only has 4 in total). These lovely suites have 2 x private bedrooms, a large living & dining room area and a private patio – excellent for watching the waves and capturing the famed Fijian sunsets.


Beqa Lagoon Resort is in Pacific Harbour – Fiji’s adventure capital. Heaven on earth is an overused term, but here at Beqa Lagoon it sure rings true. In fact, we should warn you that this quiet island hideaway is enough to make you want to quit your job back home and stay on Fiji time forever.

Fijian Dive Experiences

Amazing scuba diving in the internationally renowned ‘soft coral capital of the world’ – check. Exhilarating shark dive tours – check. Nature hikes complete with luminescent waterfalls – check. You get the message. Fiji is blessed to have excellent conditions year-round diving. The resort is regularly praised and awarded for its prized position upon the famed Beqa Lagoon. The nutrient rich seas here attract a huge variety of marine life to feed and breed. Divers can expect to see myriads of tropical fish species, sharks, rays, sea turtles and a spectacular display of brightly coloured soft corals in the regions excellent water visibility.

Fact; Beqa Lagoon Resort was VOTED ONE OF THE WORLD’S TOP DIVE RESORTS by Scuba Magazine Readers!

Beqa Island has plenty of epic Fiji shark dive tours happening too. You see, the coral fringed lagoon surrounding Beqa is home to an official ‘Shark Reef Marine Reserve’, meaning that shark conservation methods are at the very top the agenda in these parts. Beqa passage is regularly frequented by about eight different species of sharks including the following;

  • Bull Sharks
  • Lemons Sharks
  • Grey Reefs
  • Blacktip Reefs
  • Tawny Nurses
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Whitetip Reefs
  • Silvertips Sharks

Guests on a shark dive tour in the Beqa often visit ‘The Take Out’ zone. This aptly named area is located about halfway down a steep reef slope at a depth of 16m/55ft, the ‘Take Out’ is essentially the shark feeding zone. Here, scuba divers have the superb opportunity to witness the guides hand feed sharks – which is a slightly mind-altering experience to say the least. Hint; take an underwater camera with you to capture the moment up close.

Fact: All shark dive tour guides in Fiji have been personally selected based on their high level of dive expertise and enthusiasm for the surrounding marine life. Participants can rest assured that shark diving in Fiji is a very safe encounter and always organized by a professional team. And, even though you are diving with wild animals in their underwater home, it’s calming to know that that the guides are very familiar with the majority of sharks that frequent the relative dive sites.

Surfing Overview

Make no mistake a holiday to Beqa Lagoon Resort is a once in a lifetime opportunity to score a bunch of fun waves. The breaks nearby here are easily accessible via a short and scenic boat trip and will deliver a series of reef break formations made for fast barrels, peaky sections and long walls – great for performing a repertoire of manoeuvres. ‘Shifties’ is a world-class left that is known to rival Cloudbreak for power, size and consistency. While Vananiu (a wedging right, with an end bowl section) is more user friendly.

More experienced surfers should check the swell forecast at Fiji’s Pipeline aka Frigates – an offshore reef break that given the right conditions can provide you with the ride of your life. This long, mega left hander rises up out of the deep water at Frigates Passage. Its secluded location means, like many of Fiji’s waves, you can score it mostly uncrowded. Expect a min. 30 minute boat ride to get there if you’re staying on the mainland. Add Frigates to your Fiji surf itinerary and instantly become the envy of your all your surfer friends.  Frigates is fun for everyone when it’s small but gets seriously heavy over 6ft.

Note; the Beqa Lagoon region is predominately known a popular dive location. It’s around the fringes of the lagoon that the barrier reefs are breaking up seasonable wave energy.

Fiji Culture

Fijian people are some of the friendliest people on the planet, fact. Their culture is welcoming and fascinating all at once. Expect to be greeted with a big Bula smile everywhere you go, and possibly sample a local kava bowl too. Fact: the fascinating tradition of Fiji firewalkers began some 500 years ago on Beqa Island. To this day, power over fire only flows through Tuinaiviqalita’s bloodline to members of Beqa’s Sawau tribe. You might even get to see a demonstration of this extraordinary gift in a firewalking ceremony while your here.

Resort Dining

Pacific Rim cuisine has come along way in recent years. It’s great to see a mix of Fijian and international chefs create magic dishes from the terrific array of local ingredients! Your taste buds will never be bored at Beqa Lagoon Resort. How inviting does this restaurant look on twilight!

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