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Surfing in Los Cabos, Baja Peninsula.

If you’ve never day dreamed about getting barrelled in Mexico, are you even a surfer? Kidding, but now I’ve put the scene in your mind, I’ll bet you’ll want to make tunnel vision come to fruition.

This region sees beginners and pro surfers alike hunting waves off the coast of Los Cabos. Each year, surfers of all abilities make their way south to the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Pacific. There’s a great mix of point breaks and beachies here just ready and waiting.

Cabo is divided into three main surf zones:

The south-facing East Cape (east of San Jose Del Cabo) is famed for it’s abundance of right handed pointbreaks.

The southeast-facing Costa Azul (southwest of San Jose Del Cabo) is right on the tip of the peninsula between the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez – this zone is particularly known for its reasonably consistent – and often crowded rocky reef breaks.

And, the west-facing Pacific Coast (northwest of Cabo San Lucas) is a popular surf destination due to it’s dependable selection of waves.

Check out our Los Cabos surf guide below to see a few of our favourite waves.

Playa Acapulquito 

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Located in San José del Cabo, Acapulquito offers calm waves for those just getting comfortable on their board. Keen to take a surfing lesson? Well, you’re in luck here because there are several operators along the coast to choose from.

Fun Fact: the wave is colloquially known as Old Man’s – so yeah expect to see a bit of an older crowd frequenting this area. It’s an easy paddle out and is pretty popular for longboarding.


Level: Intermediate 

Due to its ease of access, Los Cerritos is one of the most popular surf spots near Todos Santos. Offering a fun beachbreak peak and a rolling point break wave. Cerritos is a popular surfing destination for both beginners and pros (conditions pending).

Hint: in big swells there is a decent right hander that breaks off the headland at the north end of the beach – this wave gets even more fun when it connects with the sandbar section on the inside. Got extra time to explore? Check out neighboring Pedrito, it’s another ripping wave in the vicinity.


Level: Advanced 

Best for seasoned surfers looking for a challenge. The protected cove offers up a fun left point break alongside a rocky outcrop. There is a deep water canyon just offshore which helps funnel long-interval W and SW swells into fast, reeling lefts that run along the headland and into the bay. Conditions can get treacherous, so you’re going to want to know what you’re doing and be confident in your approach, keeping in mind that the take off zone is quite tight.

On a positive note – this spot is just 10 minutes east of Cabo San Lucas.

Fact: If you just want to relax and spectate the surfing from shore, the cove is great spot for it. But, be wary where you walk as there’s a lot of sea urchins on the rocky seafloor.

La Pastora 

Level: Advanced

About an hour’s drive north from Cabo San Lucas and just outside of Pueblo Mágico Todos Santos, La Pastora is a a renown wave and thus crowd magnet. It handles all size swells from both the north-west and from the south. It’s off the path a bit but there’s sweet breaks here for experienced surfers.

Note: susceptible to big winter swells – if that’s your thing, get into it.

Los Cabos Luxury Surf Accommodation

The One & Only Palmilla is the the creme de la creme of premium Los Cabos beachfront properties. We recommend upgrading to an ocean suite and truly embracing the ethos of luxe surf style living. There’s resident surf guides here to assist you in your search for waves too.

Image credits: Visit Los Cabos

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