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The Best of Tavenui Island

Attempting to narrow down the ‘must do’ Tavenui list is tricky business. Tavenui’s natural beauty is limitless and the basis of the islands’ many unique experiences. Nevertheless, I’ve succumbed via a tried and tested approach to provide you with a detailed guide to Tavenui’s highlights. So, without further ado and in no particular order, I give you the ultimate ‘must do’ Tavenui list. Over here it’s easy to escape the mainland tourists and discover peace in paradise.

Tavenui Dive Sites

Fiji is renowned as the soft coral capital of the world and the multitude of dive sites at Tavenui Island provide fascinating sights of Fiji’s healthy reef eco-systems. Be sure to explore the following magical dive sites; The Great White Wall, Rainbow Reef, Annie’s Bommie, The Purple Wall, The Ledge, The Fish Factory and the Zoo. Fact; it’s the nutrient rich ocean currents that stream through the Somosomo Strait that create Tavenui’s amazing dive sites. The marine life absolutely thrives in these immaculate conditions. Effectively make the region one of the most highly desired diving destinations in the world. Keen to join a snorkel, dive or surf tour of Tavenui? Book in with the team from Tavenui Ocean Sports and get set for an epic day out.

Discover the Lavena Coast

Fiji is a nation of proud people and why wouldn’t they be given the country’s mesmerising beauty. The Lavena Coast takes the proverbial cake when it comes to pretty places to explore in not just Tavenui, but the whole of Fiji! Visitors thoroughly enjoy the Lavena Coastal Walk. Here the path follows the dense rainforest edge where it meets the sparkling sands of Lavena Beach. Venture further along, passing small villages and epic South Pacific scenes before ascending through the lush jungle summit to find an ethereal cascading waterfall.

Explore Bouma National Heritage Park

Everybody knows Fiji is famous for its awesome tropical beaches and luminous blue seas, but did you know we have amazing verdant green landscapes too. Tavenui is colloquially known as the ‘garden isle’ and is home to the awe inspiring Bouma National Park. In fact, 80% of Tavenui Island is covered by the protected Bouma National Park zone. Highlights include the three Tavoro Waterfalls, each with their own natural swimming holes. Take a dip to experience pure bliss.

Visit Gaia Sanctuary

A ‘must do’ Tavenui activity surely has to be a visit to Gaia Sanctuary. It’s an organic spice plantation, healthy cafe & nectar lab all rolled into one. The talented team behind Gaia Sanctuary take great pleasure in serving tour guests high quality superfood infused meals and guiding them through the lush hilltops where the rainforest meets the farm. This gourmet experience is bolstered by stunning sea views that peak through the exotic garden foliage as your enjoy a selection of Fiji’s nourishing food.

Birdwatching on Tavenui

Twitchers unite at Tavenui Island! Given that the island is protected by the Bouma National Park (which covers 80% of Taveuni’s land mass) you can expect to spot a whole host of exotic birdlife here. Keep watch for the following bird species, some of which are endemic to Fiji; turtle doves, barking pigeons, parrot finches, golden whistlers and orange doves. Fact; birdwatchers travel from all of the world to see the many interesting birdlife species that inhabit Tavenui and it’s by far one of the most popular destinations for birdwatching in Fiji.   

Visit Waitavala Waterfall

A natural rockslide waterfall placed perfectly within a stunning rainforest setting – what more could one possible want from a tropical holiday destination! Just seeing Waitavala Waterfall is well worth the trip to Tavenui. In saying that, I think you should embrace your inner child and slide down the smooth rock sections that create the natural slide effect. It’s a rush that the locals have been fortunate enough to do for years and years. Go on, get amongst it.

Where to Stay on Tavenui Island

Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages are fantastic for an authentic (and reasonably priced) Fiji holiday experince. At the luxe end of the scale, I’d recommend the all inclusive Tavenui Island Resort & Spa and divers will find their home away from home at the superb Tavenui Dive Resort.

Getting There

Fiji Link offers regular flights direct to Tavenui (Matei Airport) from Nadi. Feeling more adventurous? There’s a walk on ferry service from Savusavu too.

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